New Paper Wallet Generator



The details of the implementation can be found here.


It looks like you still need to update the logo correct? It’s still using the temporary version we discarded.


Well noticed! What is the link with the new logo pack again?

I will update it tomorrow.



Well done.

@Sentinelrv can you prepare a post for the public?

To remind you again I wanted to keep as a easter egg, that is we wont publicize it.


Sure, when do you want to announce it? Tomorrow or Monday? Also, I would like to include mention about the lightness of the tool by using the numbers in the original post. I just want to confirm they are accurate.

Was this ever finished? Seemed important, so I just wanted to make sure.


This is the number of kb the new wallet generator weights as of today:

Compared to bitaddress:


bitaddress seem to have enabled gzip on their server, so it got a little lighter too. But our version still 10x lighter than theirs (and even lighter compared to others), and works on mobile.

That being said, I don’t think its a good idea to mention exact numbers in the announcement, since we will be adding more features that may pour some more kilobytes to our generator.

Not yet. I will add this along with the new logo tomorrow (Sunday).


I guess I can use some of the language from your original post without getting too specific.


How does this sound? I can add in a photo after the logos are fixed.

[quote]The team would like to announce the release of a new Peercoin address generator which was developed by @kazzkiq.

The new generator can be found at and will act as a replacement for the wallet generator developed by FuzzyBear that has been in use for several years.

The main focus for the new generator was achieving a simpler and more modern interface while also making it lighter so load times on mobile devices are shorter. The result is a generator that is simple, clean and 10x lighter than the nearest wallet generator. In addition, it works on both mobile and desktop.

We will continue to build extra features into this generator and increase functionality over time.[/quote]


Logo updated, favicon added, and now when trying to get into generate step, unsupported browsers fall to a “Not Supported” page with some explanation.


What about background logo on the desktop version?


Background logo updated too.


Cool, are we ready to announce this then? I can do it tomorrow if so. Anymore testing needed first?


I believe yes. We already did tests, fixed major issues, and have a stable version for public usage.


@kazzkiq do you know the answer to this?


@kazzkiq do you want to reply to this?


I guess he’s talking about Peercoin itself. Just a troll.


Version 1.0 released! :tada:

Changes include:

  • PaperWallet (print support);
  • Bulk generation (generate multiple wallets);
  • Added QR Code for private key;
  • Internationalization (now accepts English and Portuguese. For more languages please make a Pull Request).
  • And other tweaks!

Feel free to use it at:

Full release details available at:


Looks great! Good work


Had someone ask about BIP38 encryption. Any thoughts/words?

Link to comment: