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Hello and welcome to the forum for Peercoin and Primecoin :slight_smile:

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Here are some useful Threads on the forum to start you off:

Introduce yourself to the community here for one of your 2 posts as a reply before starting new thread
Get set up with a Peercoin wallet
Build Primecoin from source Linux
Alternative OS Primecoin builds
List of sites and Services that accept Primecoins
Developer of Peercoins and Primecoins weekly updates
Few FAQ on Peercoins
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You will find us a friendly, busy active community that is ever expanding and there are lots of activities and projects to get involved with so don’t be shy!

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I’m a newbie.
Thanks for all the information at this forum.
Great work!

My Gosh you Dont make it easy for uz New Lads do you…Soo Excited…Soo Many Questions…

good help

I’m new too with a ton of questions that I’ve searched various boards and locations for. Hopefully I’ll find my answers here and help newer members down the road.

Noob and wanting to learn! Thanks for the info!

Hi , Newbie here , just to post so i can ask question

2nd post

Hi, Started researching alternative currencies about 3 months after coming into about 40 servers and 10 kilowatts of already paid for electricity. Honestly Primecoins was a no brainer for me I’ve been mining ever since. -Bangz

Thanks, this seems like a cool bunch of people :smiley:

Just built a pretty good mining computer…looking forward to mining a bit!!!

Thanks for the links :slight_smile:

Thanks for ur comments


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Hello everyone, I’m new.
Download a wallet Primecoin I have it synchronized, worked fine for about a week, and now there is no synchronization ((tell me what to do?

[quote=“Sutiner, post:15, topic:719”]Hello everyone, I’m new.
Download a wallet Primecoin I have it synchronized, worked fine for about a week, and now there is no synchronization ((tell me what to do?[/quote]

Try running primecoin with the “-rescan” flag and see what happens.

You could also back up your wallet.dat and delete prime coins blockchain, forcing it to re-download completely. (That’s the brute force method)

Try to start with Primecoin “-rescan” flag and see - (how?), Please tell me in detail. because nothing helps ((

What OS are you using?


I’m not on windows right now, so I’m trying to explain this by heart.

Create a short cut for your primecoin-qt.exe

Now if you right click on that short cut it look something like this

Target " X:\Programs\Primecoin\Primecoin-qt.exe"

you have to add -rescan in this line so the target field will look like this:

" X:\Programs\Primecoin\Primecoin-qt.exe" -rescan