New Forum category for Peer4commit?

I was wondering whether it would be helpful/efficient to have a new forum category for Peer4commit, in the same way we do for Peershares and Peerunity?

What would go into this forum? Would it be only content about Peer4Commit, the application, or would you also like to see bounty information for active projects that are being managed using Peer4Commit?

Either works, I’m just trying to get an idea of how it would be used.

I had in mind, initially, the application - although I guess in time, as the application is finalised, it could include bounties themselves.

Perhaps we should re-name the bounty section?

What originally prompted me to make this suggestion was that, as we all know, the past eight weeks have seen an explosion of activity in the peercoin world, making it difficult to keep up with reading threads, finding them, etc

I thought that a new section on a distinctive element (Peer4Commit) can help reduce the “weight” in some of the more generalised sections

Also, respective threads for peershares, peerunity and peer4Commit has a sort of harmony about it

I’m not sure either. Others and I’ve tried many times to have project maintainers create supporting threads to inform users about the status or creating a platform for Q&A about the project. It doesn’t seem to work as it is considered too much overhead. The technical discussions happen on Github anyway.

I think the purpose of peer4commit is to facilitate this better and support project maintainers. You can even leave basic comments against the projects on Peer4commit. I think that the platform should stand on itself regarding the projects. But not sure about creating a specific board for it. Hopefully most of the projects would go through peer4commit anyway. I think it would be better to categorise by type of project and hopefully peer4commit will support that in the near future. Discussion about marketing-, develop-, web projects etc. can take place in the already existing areas.

Just my PPC 0.02.