New Cryptocurrency BigUp Getting Popular!

New Cryptocurrency BigUp

What is BigUp?
BigUp is a truly decentralized lifestyle cryptocurrency with special emphasis on positive, encouraging and supportive ecosystem, the cryptocurrency adopts a community driven approach.The BigUp cryptocurrency is rapidly achieving recognition and popularity as it progresses with its development and integration phase with BigUp community’s support. 

Launch Date:
February 17, 2016.

Current Worth:
The cryptocurrency currently has a market cap of $85,649 and will soon be added to C-CEX cryptocurrency exchange.

BigUp ICO was open for interested buyers for 6 days starting from March 2, 2016 till March 7, 2016. The ICO included 3.5 billion of the total 4 billion pre-mined coins out of which 919 million coins were bought by the community. The platform has 500 million BIGUPs as development funds out of which 400 million is still in holding. The remaining coins were burnt following the closure of the ICO.

Cryptocurrency into gaming servers:
BigUp has also forged partnerships to integrate the cryptocurrency into gaming servers, tipbots and other services.Gamers who are part of the CSGO Counter-Strike and other gaming servers supporting Hypercrypto can also use BigUp as the gaming currency

BigUp has developed websites in multiple languages, wallets for all platforms, nodes, block explorers and faucets.

ecommerce portals:
BigUp cryptocurrency can also be used to buy books and digital goods online at the Resell Rights Store.

Algorithm – POS 2 @ 100% per year immediately and forever
port	  - Port/RPC Port: 61609/61608

Some Relvant Information:
  1. To access the BigUp Twitch Tip Bot:

  2. The BigUp Web wallet:

  3. BigUp wallet source:

  4. Trade BigUp at=> YoBit:

  5. BigUp Club will available after 13hours :slight_smile:

    Media Contact:

    Name: Bert “Bigup” King
    Location: Toronto, Canada

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