Networkless mining

Is it possible to mine without sending network data and then transfer the mining data once to some other pc and connect?

I wanna mine in my works pc but evade the network analysis protocols they have :slight_smile:


I’m not saying this is a good idea or worth risking your job over it, but if you want to hide this network activity, you might try setting up an SSH tunnel to your home machine and piping all of the miner’s network activity through that. They’ll be able to detect that you’re sending data to your home machine and may ask why, but they won’t actually be able to read it directly.

Haha this is great :slight_smile:

Yup can’t express enough that it not worth loosing a job over but this is sound advice round some issues :slight_smile:

Some places of business scan for .exe on the computer, running or not. And some block outgoing java, such as bitminter. And this may damper your plan, even with SSH tunnel.

May I add: some places have in the work contract that “doubleworking” is forbidden, so using your company equipment for personal profit would need an expressive permission.

Ding, ding, ding! (Points to nose)

It’s just not worth risking a job.