Need help upgrading from v0.8 to v0.9

I’ve been following the project for a longtime and have never had a problem upgrading until v0.9. Please help with what I’m missing. Here’s what I’ve always done.

  1. Backup wallet from obsolete QT client (v0.8 in this case)
  2. Install new QT client (v0.9)
  3. run new QT client till blockchain current
  4. locate this folder: C:\Users[username]\AppData\Roaming\Peercoin\wallets
  5. delete “wallet.dat” file, copy and paste old wallet.dat file from v0.8 QT client

This time I’m getting an error that my .dat file is corrupted. I’m also noticing that the new wallet file is 1.3mb, whereas my old wallet file was only ~200kb.

At this point, all I have is my old wallet backup file and password. Any suggestions?

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idk why this is happening, maybe a suggestion is:
run your wallet with the v0.8QT version

create a new wallet with the v0.9QT version, send your coins from your old wallet (running v0.8) to your new wallet (running v0.9)

this should resolve your issues, maybe not ideal, and maybe there are better ways, but this should do it

as you still have a backup, you can
dumpprivkey [your peercoin address here]

with v0.8

importprivkey “privkey”
in v0.9 with a freshly generated wallet.dat

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v0.8 was wiped when I installed v0.9. Where can I download v0.8.X? thanks

In the future, the easiest way to upgrade is to just install the new version and run it. If you dont have a heavily depricated client (here you are only going from 0.8 to 0.9), it should run just fine off the same directory. Of course always have a wallet backup, but that’s true at all times, not just when upgrading.