Need development assistance

Hello all,

It’s been sometime since I have posted here back in 2017-2018 when we (SparkleCOIN) worked with Peercoin on some development. We are currently looking for assistance in the following: 1.) Changing our trading symbol from SPRK to SCTK in our wallet, etc., 2.) Wrapping our token. Is there anyone here that may assist us? SparkleCOIN is based on Peercoin. Thank you everyone! - Victor

Hello @Victorwong, welcome back.

  1. This is quite easy to do from what I remember.
  2. Peercoin Foundation is developing a wrapping solution recently, we should reach public testing phase in about two weeks.

Hello Peerchemist! Good to hear from you again. Yes, we believe changing the trading symbol for our token is quite easy, unfortunately one of our developers is not available and the other one passed away from COVID-19 recently and we have not been able to find anyone else. Can you perhaps direct us to someone who may do that for us? We would, of course, compensate them accordingly. On that note, it is wonderful news about the wrapping solution. We would like to be included in that for our token and again would be more than happy to contribute some financial support in return as we have done with you before. Please let me know next steps when you are ready. Perhaps a skype call to go over details? Thank you! - Victor

I’ll DM you.