My Primecoin Wallet version v0.1.2xpm-beta cannot synchronize

Hi guys.
Can someone help me?
I dont know how to synchronize my Primecoin Wallet version v0.1.2xpm-beta
It doent get synchronize.
How can I synchronize it?

have you tried this:

09:52:51 Method not found (code -32601)

maybe it was

it’s not a command, you need to pass that to primecoind or primecoin-qt when it starts on the command line

Go to C:\Program Files (x86)\Primecoin\
Hold Shift and right-click the Windows Explorer window
Click "Open command prompt"
Type primecoin-qt -zapwallettxes and hit Enter

or add it to primecoin.conf in %APPDATA%\Primecoin