Missing link to Client

I was surprised a few minutes ago to find that my Peercoin client is not pinned to my toolbar in the usual way. I am certain it was the last time I used it - it must have been.

I have gone to “All programs” and searched for “peer” and “ppc”, but it only brings me Peerunity.

I have gone to my User/AppData/Roaming folder, and the Peercoin folder is still there with wallet.dat, etc.

In case it is relevant, I have also gone to the Program Files folder and it shows the Peercoin folder. It says in the Date Modified column “20/01/2018 22:07”, which surprises me, as I did not enter this folder on Saturday, or do anything with it or the client.

But where is my client link, any ideas - how can I open it?

if you go to the program directory you should find the exe of the client, you can run that
C:\Program Files (x86)\Peercoin

the startmenu link should be in
C:\Users\username\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Peercoin

idk why it suddenly got unpinned

I went to the first option and found in the folder peercoind.exe - the date modified indicated June 2013! So, clearly an old client. And it did not work

I went to the second option (startmenu) and found the folder - but the only item inside was an uninstall shortcut

Any other suggestions? Otherwise, I guess I need to re-download the client …

I have run a search on “Peercoin” on the whole of the C Drive and found a folder of exe files, including peercoind.exe, dated December 2017 - that’s the one

However, when I run it, it says the code execution cannot proceed, as a certain .dll file cannot be found. It says reinstall, so I will try that


I tried to reinstall (using the newly discovered setup.exe), but it conflicts with anti-virus.

I have downloaded a fresh Peercoin v0.6.1-win-zip from the website, and clicked on the 64 folder to extract the files. When I do this, however, it gives me an empty 32 folder.

Sounds like the anti-virus program is causing you these issues. If you only use that computer to run a node you can just deactivate it.

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I’m going to try and create an exception for Peercoin in the virus software

But if that does not work, is it easy to deactivate a node?

I was talking about deactivating the virus software.

Oh, I see! No, I use the computer for everything. Why are you piloting a helicopter?

I’m not. Just filling fuel.

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peercoin-qt.exe is the exe you are looking for, the peercoind is the commandline version or “daemon”, there is an issue with some libraries missing, but the qt should work

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I downloaded peercoin-qt.exe.

I unticked the open-client-automatically box, so I could at least see the peercoin-qt.exe file in the C:\Program Files (x86)\Peercoin folder before doing anything

I right clicked and opened, and it said “Insufficient system resources to complete the requested service”. The anti-virus software then kicked in and peercoin-qt.exe disappeared from the Program Files (x86)\Peercoin folder

I created an exception in the McAfee anti-virus, and peercoin-qt.exe re-appeared

I right clicked and opened - and again got the “Insufficient system resources to complete the requested service” message - and the anti-virus software again removed the .exe file!

So, I am scuppered at the moment. Let’s deal with the “Insufficient system resources” problem first - any ideas?

The computer has only been on half-an-hour, so it is not as if I have been using it all day.

UPDATE: I have switched the anti-virus scan off (for a 15 minute period) and the client opened with no problem - so I guess the “insufficient resources” is not a separate problem - it is related to the anti-virus software

ANOTHER UPDATE: After the 15-minute period elapsed, the anti-virus software came back - the client remained onscreen. I closed the client and relaunched it - the anti-virus software again kicked in

I don’t this this problem can be fully resolved at the moment - but I can use the client if I need to by switching off the anti-virus scanning.

Thanks for the help and suggestions

maybe you can mark the file as exception in your antivirus software?
to make sure you have the right file you can check the SHA256 hash, it should be:

Peercoin_v0.6.1_osx.zip 	5ac49505633a64da0957f9615392afa1597d9d9f80609c0ffc3fbdf02f9565f1
Peercoin_v0.6.1_linux.zip 	c3e42572a1e62d7625051ddc75aea48171dba96d7a0c16a9fccdcd02ed8d8fa8```

you can do this from a commandline `certUtil -hashfile pathToFileToCheck [HashAlgorithm]` 

hash algo is SHA25
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