Minting stopped

My client has not minted for a while. It is unlocked for minting, up-to-date, and I have connections. The mint probability has well exceeded the time for a likely mint.
Is there any test or check that I can do?

what are your minting chances according to the minting tab?
any clue from debug.log?

My minting chances for the 24 hours add up to 40% - and it has not minted since 1st May.
I’ve opened the debug.log file, it opens in Notepad, but the text means nothing to me. Is there anything I should search for?

I delete peers dot dat file on occacion to get other peers
If you really want to know your future stakes, there is a tool for that lol

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also, verify that the time and date is correct before starting the wallet

How do I do that?

Check block count, and make sure that the lock :lock: in the bottom right corner of the wallet is open and the scroll-over text says “unlocked for minting only”. You can also go into the console and type “walletlock” then go unlock for minting only from the settings menu again, just to kind of turn it on and off again. Did you unlock your wallet using the startup prompt, or the settings menu?

I compared the block count to a block explorer, and it’s up-to-date.

I’ve done “walletlock” and unlocked it again from settings. The scroll-over does not show its whole text, but says “…currently unlocked for [obscured]”, so that seems okay.

Normally, I unlock via the start up prompt, not from settings.

Im suspicious of the startup prompt, but I can’t say anything for certain. See if using the settings to unlock makes it work. Otherwise, I’m out of ideas and hope someone else might have an idea.

Okay, I’ll unlock via settings for this week - although I’ve been using the start-up unlock ever since it came in, without apparent problem until this month.

If it doesn’t mint after a few days, I’ll delete all the program files (aside from wallet.dat) and reload the client.

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I deleted the program files, restarted the client and re-added wallet.dat.

To make sure it was working, I sent myself a test payment, but found I did not need to re-enter my password to permit the transaction.

I recall that not having to re-enter the password was an oversight identified about six months back. I wonder whether it was remedied and, if so, whether my client has perhaps fallen out of the “loop” in some way?

My client minted this afternoon. Maybe deleting the program files and restarting did the trick.

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