Mintcoin fund announcement

FYI the mintcoin folks sent this out

"Hi everyone,
Project F is finally unveiled. I told you (and the dev told you also earlier) that it would be huge and it is.
Much like bitcoin, litecoin and dogecoin, we are opening up a foundation.
The Mintcoin Fund (for legal reason, it could not be named Foundation) will focus on promoting Mintcoin and sustainable development initiative. Excerpt from the bylaws (translated, the official text is in French) :

The goal of Mintcoin Fund is to promote the Mintcoin cryptocurrency and its underlying goal of reducing humany environmental footprint.

Legally speaking, this will be an endowment fund under the French Law. It will be open to anyone with no distinction of nationality or even age (although some responsabilites will be off-limit for non-emancipated minors).
There is no entrance fee. Everything is open to consideration. Here are some of the topic already considered:
[]an official escrow service. It will deal only in mintcoin, and will either be free of charge or fees will be donated to the Mintcoin Fund (which in turn MIGHT compensate the []Mintcoin Fund actually handling the escrow, but nothing for sure — if we can automate the process, we could avoid this).This thread will be the main topic of discussion. Much like the ANN on bitcointalk, I believe a single very large topic draws more attention than several small topic (people judge by the amount of pages).

It will be necessary to regularly update advancements on the bitcointalk page too, at least for getting more persons involved.

Another brillant news (althoug less huge, I’d say) will be announced next week. Stay tuned![/list"