Mint by stake - generated but not accepted

Have 2 coins that are marked with ? instead of a check mark.
The date is 22.06.2020 and 21.10.2020, the amount is entered with [9.5] and [3.5].
Under type it says Mint by stake and as additional info “Generated but not accepted”.
I can’t find transaction identifier in the blockchain

What do I have to do that I have access to these coins.
What went wrong?

Thanks a lot

Nothing, those are merely blocks you formed that were orphaned. It’s no big deal, it happens occasionally. Your client keeps record of the event, but there are no coins locked up anywhere from these events.

nothing, but to prevent orphaned blocks you can use upnp or port forwarding to have more than 8 connections to the network and make sure to keep your time in sync regularly