Mint by stake fail?

Hello everyone,

I got a weird (what looks to be) error in my PPC wallet that I just found that is confusing me. It claims I have a mint-by-stake of zero PPC. After checking the block explorer, I found that it claims to have gone through just fine.

After checking my wallet history, I had only one transaction that accounted for the 2.634185 PPC, but that transaction happened in July.

Any idea what happened here? Thanks!

Hi Jhonka86,

I both your wallet and the blockchain are consistent. Both have a reward for the Proof of Stake block creation of 0 (

There are some possibilities why this has happened:

[ul][li]Someone had few coins with very small coinage which soon used for Proof Of Stake creation (he was lucky, since this is unlikely) and this resulted in a Proof of Stake reward of 0 since the coins were too young and the coinage too small for a visible Proof of Stake reward.[/li]
[li]It is possible that the transaction Fee of 0.01 PPC absorbed the Proof of Stake reward, if there is bug in the implementation (since I also think this should not happen). One needs to dig into the software implementation of Peercoin to find the answer to this question.[/li]
[li]some other reason[/li][/ul]

Best regards,

Well that’s odd. But thanks for the response!

On a vaguely related note, I’m a bit confused as to the requirements for minting in regards to wallet transactions. Do transfers in or out of the wallet reset the minting timer?

Both do (because your incoming transaction is someone else’s output and vis-a-versa).

I’d like to learn more about that 0 PPC stake reward, too, because the raw transaction shows a 0.00000000 payout (I thought it might be a rounding error in the ABE block chain viewer, but it wasn’t).

Huh. So, as a miner, should I not have automatic deposits to my account every few days from the pool? I guess I’m a little confused as how to optimize my PPC generation.

Coinage is generated separately for each transaction, so it really shouldn’t matter if you do it as lots of little transactions or bigger, less frequent ones. It’s only after the coins have landed in your wallet that it’s really relevant.

You may want to consider reducing the frequency for another reason, though – I’m assuming you are being assessed a transaction fee by the pool for every payout. At 0.01 PPC per day, you are probably paying out a bit more than you need to. It’s only a small amount, but over time it will add up.

Did not think about that. Whoops. Thanks!