Migration of Forum

Hi all:

We are trying set up a dedicated forum for Primecoin at forum.primecoin.org
I think we have borrowed Peercoin’s forum for long enough and now that Primecoin Foundation will have resources to maintain its own forum, I believe it would be best if we move there.
If anyone knows how to write a custom API to transfer the threads in this forum to the new one, please let me know or shout out at t.me/PrimecoinFoundation!


Will you be using Discourse as well? I’m unsure how you would move threads from only one board. You also have the user accounts that are tied to these threads and posts. It is probably impossible to do this unless you have a backup of all the data on this forum, which includes all threads, posts and user accounts, etc… That is not something we can just hand out though. The most we can do is to leave the Primecoin board open on here and you guys can link to it from a global sticky.

Get a developer to have a look at it. The SMF posts were tied each to a board (ie the primecoin board) and users can be identified through names and emails. So to pull out the primecoin data should be possible and would aid the primecoin community so I feel this should be investigated further. I would have happily done and investigated into this but since the forum moved to discord, I do not have the data anymore and responsibility of the forum, it has been taken over by others, and they will need to do the work to pull this data out.