[MF] Okay round two

Having said what I have said earlier, let’s borrow on that and go another way.

I propose setting out on a path that would permit Peercoin to borrow on the success of another brand. As I said, the first crypto currency that can easily convert to instant cash is going to be the hot ticket.

What impressed me most about Peercoin when I first found out about it is the SHORT verification time before value is recognized. There are some crypto currencies claiming extreme POS and take days. They are pretty much useless. Even BTC takes (on slush’s pool) 100 verifications. Peercoin is validated and accepted for value in the shortest time of any I know. Maybe through some kind of fee system, even that could be sped up, some of you know better than I about that. If you want instant cash one fee and if you are willing to wait an hour another.

Maybe it would require opening a PeerCoin Credit Union or a PeerCoin bank. An institution that understands the value of the PeerCoin, willing to absorb incoming PPC for the validation period and paying out as fast as technically possible into the Paypal channels through their network. If the PeerCoin community can facilitate it’s trading and quick conversion to $$ let Paypal handle the rest.

We need to lobby Paypal to pick up Peercoin. Figure out whatever it takes to meet their needs for security and the whole enchilada. Whatever it takes will be worth it. If we can marry Peercoin into the Paypal methods, my friends you will hit a home run. I have no idea at this point how much time or effort that would involve to ask for a budget; but, all of you can surely see where that would take the PPC in your pocket. If PPC were $650 on par with BTC where would that put you?

Please feel free to visit


and see new ideas about marketing Peercoin. Thanks!

P.S. I wanted to add I have about 50 PPC so none of what I suggest has any real financial benefit to me. However, if the PPC community, out of it’s appreciation for this quality idea wanted to donate something so I can benefit from taking Peercoin to the moon. A wallet of 2500 PPC and PeerCoin going to $650 makes the holder a $millionaire.

So the goal of this project proposal is to get paypal to accept peercoin. What is your practical plan to achieve this, what are the actions for each step of the plan, and how much funding is needed for each step?