Marketplace on

Marketplace is now open for business.

Currently only support bitcointalk forum accounts though :stuck_out_tongue: But I know most of you have bitcointalk accounts anyway. Please join me to get the marketplace going.

We want to attract all the LTC to NEWALTCOIN ‘google doc exchanges’ to transfer to ppc marketplace. For this to happen we need to work as a team.

I will add a wot rating system to the marketplace in the future.

Have fun 8)

Dear Sunny

There is surprisingly little support for this new forum from your side.

You’re still mainly posting on bitcointalk and now you even don’t consider giving this forum momentum by requesting membership on ppcointalk for your marketplace.

I understand that you want to post where your audience is. But that’s a chicken-egg problem isn’t it?

As brenzi said… chicken-egg problems…
Look, you can watch everything there is on this forum, it is so cozy.
But bitcointalk? I can barely read all the titles of what has been written about in one day!

Thus, even when I go there, I have no clue what is going on about – and also the sheer number of useless posts is astounding.

I’m still stunned,

The core developer responsible for market making ?

It’s just a fairly basic app to see the demand to trade ppc with other assets. I will add sections to product/services as well. I am not interested in market making, but I do hope this work can help a bit for a thriving marketplace to form in the future.

Exchanges … there are many,

OTC, already working

What what kind of trust will that be based on ? Trusting trolls can’t enter captchas ?

I’m not a troll and there is no way in hell I’m going to type them at every action I do.

The incentive is very low, the barrier of entry is very high (captcha + self managed trust) and the alternatives are already working efficiently.

Trading opens with ONC.

The feature is basic for now. It is meant to be a replacement for google doc ‘exchanges’. Every new coin gets trading with ltc on a google doc. We want them to trade it here instead. So please join me!

BTW anyone can add new cryptos and other digital commodity also, via ‘add new ticker’

I have added the Argentine Peso, as I can sell PPC for cash / bank transfers in Argentina.

I was not sure what to enter in the “Website” field too, I have added the Wikipedia article. Is this OK?

Sure, the website link for a ticker symbol is just there in case there are confusions about what it is.

captcha requirement lowered to make it easier to use.

Rating thread is now up at bitcointalk:

I am sure some people love this project, but I don’t. I believe this is a total waste of time that will backfire on PPC’s popularity. I am not sure why you decided to waste your time on this but I guess you had your reasons. In the meantime Bitcoin devs updated their client with a new fresh look to further distinguish themselves from all the alt coins, in our PPC client we have an old Bitcoin splash screen with Peer coin logo embedded on top of it. The client says “bitcoin” all over the place and about a month ago you announced that you will be reworking the PoS protocol, is that moving forward? The faucet on does not work, and I don’t think it ever did … maybe refreshing that front page with some new look would be a better side project than this marketplace? I must say as a PPC supporter I don’t like where we are heading with this atm, we have 1 developer (you - Sunny) and the lack of additional dev team members along with you being side tracked with some silly side projects in my eyes currently undermines the credibility and stability of OUR PPcoin…

Well let’s just say we have very different views of priorities.

Bitcoin’s old splash screen didn’t stop it going to $200 a pop. To be precise, ppcoin’s splash screen isn’t the old bitcoin’s splash screen, but looks much nicer in my opinion. The text on Qt has been changed in the repos, just not on a release build yet.

Peer-to-peer market development is very important in the long run. In fact we already saw the major exchanges being threatened by authorities this year, earlier than I expected. Some people fail to realize that trading on a peer-to-peer market is sometimes more efficient than on an exchange, especially for large size orders. It is a good time to start on this project, as it needs a lot of time to grow.

But I have also kept this project very limited in scope. So it shouldn’t cost me too much time while I gain some experience with wot system.

I am giving out 20x 10PPC bonus in the rating thread:

Come claim them and help me get started with some data to test the rating system.

I will need to rate someone for those free PPC. I do have a question, from your marketplace:
User Unit Price (PPC) Quantity
Sunny King 1.00000000 PPC 10000.00000000
MatAuc12 0.40000000 PPC 40000.00000000

Buying XRP
User Unit Price (PPC) Quantity
iiping 1.00000000 PPC 10000.00000000
iiping 0.40000000 PPC 40000.00000000

Looks like Sunny King & iiping have a match for the trade as well as MatAuc12 & iiping. Has that happened yet?