Looking to hire a mod for a Primecoin giveaway thread


I am looking for someone to run a XPM giveaway thread in this forum.

I have 50 XPM to give away, ideally to as many new people as possible… though I liked the structure of Ikea_Meatballs giveaway but he has not been on the forum in a while now and there is not one for Primecoin!!

I would like the structure to be :

0.05 XPM for posting an Primecoin addy
0.15 XPM If posts a tweet about the giveaway or G+ account
0.30 XPM If post both tweet and G+

I will provide the 50 XPM for the giveaway and am happy to pay 10 XPM to the person running the giveaway once complete… or half part way through… see how it goes but i need to see trust :slight_smile:

post here if you are interested in this role, or feel free to PM me

If you would like to donate to the give away fund please post in this thread and i’ll sort out a addy to send to.


Same as the PPC giveaway, I am willing to run this one as well :slight_smile:

cek this : https://plus.google.com/116523889451926307583/posts/KwKb4CHe87S

Giveaway :https://twitter.com/dhe_/status/440169017177694208

give me please :
my XPM address : AVyTfvSpYthFNmP2GrDcaTQdssfnqAAeSa