Looking to buy $10USD in PPcoins

Using paypal or anything that lets me use a debit card, don’t want to go through the bullshit involved with the exchanges(Wire Transfer->Voucher->Buy BTC->ConvertBTCtoPPC). Personal information and collateral(in the form of a game account which you can probably sell for double on playerauctions) can be provided.

I don’t recommend any transactions with Paypal. The user above can issue charge back. But then they have your coins and you have no money.
Never use Paypal or other independent person when purchasing or selling crypto-coins. Stick to the exchanges. And if you need some coins, go to an exchange, don’t trust folks over forum. There are other options than exchanges, such as person to person; cash only. google it.

I can buy it for you with cash or by depositing into my bank account.

Ikea_Meatballs is selling them.

you can buy them very easily through our website


[quote=“Ikea_Meatballs, post:5, topic:58”]you can buy them very easily through our website


just a question
I like your site, looks really good, very good ide
I see you sell btc too

so i just fill in form here?

never bought amazon giftcard before
is this the right one

then i get sent a code? and just enter on page

and do I do for say exact amount on page at time for say 1 btc
so currently says:
A Bitcoin is currently worth $115.72 USD

maybe start a peercoin.com thread?
then anyone who buys can leave feedback here?

Great idea!! I’ll start a peercoin thread in the next week

For now, we’re trying to make sure we keep everyone aligned super-happy