Listing Peercoin on Coinbase

So I wrote to Coinbase today, after noticing how many coins they support now (haven’t been out there in a long time), asking if they’d yet considered listing Peercoin. Mind you, this is my third ask of them for listing PPC over the past few years, but at least a couple years since my last ask, and today’s answer was different than in the past. While I was blown off previously, much to my chagrin, today the response was quick and friendly with a link to their front door for asset listing:

My question for you guys is… has anyone, in an official capacity as a member/representative of the Peercoin project, taken this up with Coinbase to get Peercoin listed via their current asset listing application/process? I am very interested to purchase more Peercoin directly rather than flip-flopping from fiat to some intermediate crypto on Coinbase and then sending to some exchange to swap for PPC, and having a direct buy-in from fiat to PPC via Coinbase (where else, really?) would certainly help me push harder for adoption.

Anyone interested in pushing this officially?


We do plan on applying to Coinbase. We need to fulfill their list of requirements first though. One example is the establishment of a bug bounty program. We’ve made some progress on launching this, but just need to iron out some of the details.

Thanks for reaching out by the way!


I’ve been long on Peercoin for many, many years. I’ve held through thick and thin, staking all the while, and I plan to keep doing so. Adding to my hold directly without losing value through intermediate trades/transactions on the way from fiat to PPC is more important to me now than ever, so I sincerely hope you guys get this sorted out and secure the listing of PPC with Coinbase. If there’s anything I can do to support this effort then please reach out to me directly or as a “here’s what we need from the community” reply to this thread and let’s do this. Thanks for all you go guys!

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Hi @mwoliver ! I’m quite curious on which support you’re minting on. Do you use desktop wallet or a raspberry pi to mint ? By the way listing PPC on Coinbase would be great! It needs support from the community to do so.

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All of the above at various points in time. I even used to (unofficially) maintain a FreeBSD port for the desktop wallet which I ran in some FreeNAS jails. I may revive that work with the current desktop client pretty soon. At present, running Peercoin wallet and some other menial stuff on a Linux desktop on top of ESXi.