Linux compilation notes

  1. retrieve dependency packages

sudo apt-get update #update your system
sudo apt-get install git build-essential g++ libssl-dev libdb-dev libdb+±dev libboost-all-dev libqrencode-dev qt4-qmake libqt4-dev #all essential

1.1) download and install miniupnpc - Download the latest miniupnpc from
using wget
(everything from each # onwards is commentary, don’t paste that in as a command)

mkdir minupnpc #make directory

cd minupnpc #change to directory

wget “ file

tar -zxvf download.php?file=miniupnpc-1.8.20131209.tar.gz #extract the archive

cd miniupnpc-1.8.20131209/ #navigate to the decompressed directory in terminal

sudo make install #install miniupnpc files

cd #return home

  1. clone coin git
    git clone

  2. #first make the daemon
    cd ppcon/src #switch to ppcoin directory
    make -f makefile.unix USE_UPNP=

#you will see ppcoind in the file if you run ls -a
However if you run this executable it will complain about no conf file at
Navigate to directory, create file, insert info

cd /home/[username]/.ppcoin/
touch ppcoin.conf #create file
vi ppcoin.conf #any editor will do, vi for example
paste in the following


See QT section below before continuing
See QT section below before continuing
See QT section below before continuing

#return to mail ppcoin src directory where daemon is located
cd /home/[username]/ppcoin/src
#run ppcoind in server mode to begin process of collecting blocks
./ppcoind -server
#terminal will appear to hand while this happens. press ctrl-c to return to temrinal. the -daemon flag in the conf will allow the download to continue in the background.

#strip ppcoind to return wasted space
strip ppcoind

#If you plan to make QT, do this before running the server command then make the qt
cd ppcoin
qmake #response will complain about missing languages, this is fine

make #takes several minutes be patient, your QT will be ready when this is done
if oyu have a GUI, launch QT to download blockchain. Otherwise run ppcoind as a daemon as described above to download the chain.
#go to coin folder and launch coin