I am just getting adjusted to this new forum, but I noticed that embedded links open in the same window as the forum. Is there a way to open them in a new tab?


Yes, I believe I can set the default for outside links to open in new tabs.


You can test it now to see if that fixed it.




Hmm, still opening in the same window. Maybe there is another setting I’m missing.


I’ve looked some more into it and apparently the setting I found will make this the default setting, but it only applies to new registrations. It has no effect on those who are already registered. You’d probably need to run some kind of code to change the user preferences of all members to get it to work for everyone who is already registered…


If you would like to change your user settings to enable this by default, click on your avatar in the navigation, click the gear icon which takes you to your preferences screen, and under the bolded title other you’ll find a check box that says “Open all external links in a new tab”. Check that and hit save at the bottom of the screen.


I just tested it on the links above and they worked. It seems that it will apply to any previous links that you’ve already posted.


That worked. But I think the default should be to open a link in a new tab.


I agree. The only way to do that though would be to run something that changes the user preferences of all existing members. @peerchemist might know more, or we would need to ask Discourse if they know how to do this.