Link to New Peercoin QT OSX Wallet?

It’s extremely confusing trying to update to the new OSX QT Wallet. When I go to and click on wallets, I then click on “Download Peercoin QT” and then I click on the really big “Download” button with the Apple symbol on it.

That link takes me to the GitHub page where I become lost. There does not appear to be a link to a simple DMG file on that page. If there is, could someone please enlighten me?? Thanks!

Ha, I really don’t know how cryptos can ever go mainstream if it doesn’t get a little more straight forward than this

ppcoin 0.5.3 macosx

shasum a87aad19f7de164db183356560b5396633904a89

We are still working on an official osx package

The latest build can be found here;topicseen#msg42740

Peercoin is far from going mainstream, e.g. it 'd be better to get Peerunity in the apple app store. It needs a lot of help from volunpeers to get there. Remember, Peercoin is not a company. This website is a community not your support desk.

thank you! backpacker, that QT link appeared to work.

I’m assuming Peerunity won’t replace QT, correct? I’m trying to stick with the original wallet so I don’t have to offload my peercoins and then send them back to myself. Of course I’m willing to do that if it’s absolutely necessary

peerunity and ppcoin are clients that have similar functionality, peerunity has better looks and coin control baked in, but might not be as stable as official ppcoin wallet.

thanks again!

You can find it here:

he asked for peercoin-qt wallet, unfortunately we don’t have links published for macosx wallet on the page

Bump. It has been a year and OSX wallet is still not uploaded to

I didn’t realize this, embarrassing. :grimacing:

We need to get our stuff together now that we’re more in the public eye again. Reddit, Chat and Forum are done. Wiki is next and then the website. But this needs to be fixed ASAP.

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lol at epic thread

peercoin 0.5.4 macosx wallet

sha256sum c8bf3f232996359e3b3c68f3c66f7fd5b57bdcc4ad3f8f14ce64864c2ad0a018

@MAL please upload this binary to the website. Thx.