LifeBoat Foundation Now accepting Peercoin Donations

I only recently came across the Lifeboat Foundation when they contacted me through a bitcoin group asking me to join on their bitcoin panel!! I was a little skeptical and surprised, but reading further into their work and the collective people they have drawn together I was impressed and pleasantly surprised that such an organisation exists.

They have been trying to collect Bitcoin donations for use of funding various projects, and they have done very well indeed with over $500,000 raised and a double 500BTC pledge to come from someone at the end of today. I personally donated 0.2BTC to the cause, and made a request for them to accept Peercoin donations as well due to how peercoin seems to be the best alignment with the Lifeboat Foundations morals and aims. The reply was quick… basically yes of course they will accept

PPC donations: PLifetQ51s7WYHr4WCdHmWaALUzyWNmXdP

It would be great if we can show some support to this foundation and I will be advising them to invest some of the bitcoin endowment fund into peercoin for a future return through POS (Proof Of Stake earnings) This way they will see the financial benefits of the fund for many years to come, and be well versed and setup in Peercoin for helping secure the network in an environmentally sustainable way.

Many thanks for reading and do please have a read around some of their other projects as there is bound to be something that catches your interest :slight_smile:


They are very happy to hear about peercoin over at the Lifeboat Foundation :slight_smile:

I should say that they have been contacted by the Litecoin group already and Litecoin Buzz is a partner in the Foundation. They already accepted litecoin donations, but on my mentioning and donation of Peercoin we have made it into the top blurb for the amounts donated

"We now have 736.27129687 bitcoins (including pledges) valued at $741.01 each stored in these wallets: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, and 10… We also have 30 peercoins valued at $5.13 each stored in this wallet: 1. "

This is a great place to start to put peercoin in the eyes of some big names and companies or investors so lets show our community support please to a worthwhile cause.

On a side note Josh from BFL donated 25 BTC yesterday to show BFL support for the foundation! lets see if we can top that I say in peercoins :smiley: