KNC Neptunes!

A little late, but nothing compared to Bitmine or BlackArrow, my KNC Neptunes have just been delivered!

Just got to wait for the next batch now.

Total hashing power will be 7.1 TH/s by this evening :smiley:

Nox, old buddy, old pal… let me send you a “super bonus multiplier” payout address to use when you turn those on. It’s totally guaranteed to make me you happy.

What could possibly go wrong… Is there a 3000x multiplier on the amount mined before payout too?

The sad thing is, 7 TH/s is going to mine less than 100 GH/s did last June!

In fact… That does remind me that I need to do some calculations on the growing energy consumption to secure the Bitcoin network vs. Peercoin PoS with my data centre hat on :slight_smile:

In case anyone is looking to buy a KNC Neptune on eBay - This listing is fraudulent and I’ve reported it to eBay:

You might notice the similar picture to the one of mine above!