Issue hit block

i have a privet pool and mine PPC , after upgrade wallet ver 0.8.0 to i cant hit block on time
i checked debug.log and haven’t error , i know diff grow up but with 1.5Ph i cant hit PPC above 12H
what’s problem ?

i still see pow blocks coming, are they still running 0.8.0?
did you find any block with 0.8.5, could be variance… (bad luck)

i increase hashrate round 2Ph and find block , but not at time
with 2Ph TTF ~66Min , last block find 85m ago , this not bad but last 2 day’s 2 time cant hit block 18H and another 12-13H

ver 0.8.0 very better i hit block after change some time very very hard crack block

in the changelog it mentions something about removing the pow block signature

(removing block signature for pow blocks as specified in rfc-0006)

dont know if that is related to your issue, but it was the only pow related change i could find

i still think it could be bad luck, happens sometimes

Rfc0006 was included in v0.8, so I dont think that’s the issue. I dont think there have been any changes to PoW in the point releases since v0.8. The difficulty has been going up a lot in the last couple days, but you mentioned that in the OP. 2 Ph is a good bit, so I would expect faster than 12hr blocks. It is worth noting that v0.8.5.1 was released as a response to pos minters dropping, which caused pow blocks to come out faster. That hiccup has been resolving in the last week or so, and pow should be coming slower as a result of the chain equilibrating again.

@spourmoradi am I correct that you switched back to v0.8 and it found blocks faster again?

@Nagalim no i still at just increase my hashpower and better hit block
i switch miners on DGB and on screen hashrate very close to pool hashrate ( 2.1Ph screen hashrate , pool 2.2Ph ) back to PPC on screen hashrate droped to 1.8 ~ 1.9 Ph
when try mine PPC my hashrate droped and i think problem for this

Take into consideration that PoW difficulty is rising:

about drop hashrate
switch hashrate between PPC and another coin , screen log :

18:16:52: DGB 10341146 - diff 441111625.784539580 job b5f2 to 110/110/110 clients, hash 1623469904.546/62879.079 in 1.5 ms
18:16:56: PPC 482068 - diff 2042840110.196829796 job b5f4 to 110/110/110 clients, hash 1324902423.988/146232.191 in 1.6 ms
1.6Ph DGB
1.3Ph PPC
round 300Th missed when miner’s switch on PPC
why hashrate droped ?

what pool software are you using?
what asic miners do you use?

im used yiimp
95% asic’s bitmain s9

my problem not fixed yet
i check debug.log
2020-02-26 15:21:17 UpdateTip: new best=c62ddec7b981b9e3191ac1466ecbb49d14bf050ad433c3a08fe69b1c5bcaa0a2 height=483138 version=0x00000003 log2_trust=53.742713 moneysupply=26015609.00955415 tx=1752429 date=‘2020-02-26 15:21:10’ progress=1.000000 cache=0.1MiB(364txo) warning='10 of last 100 blocks have unexpected version’

please send debug.log to @backpacker69

i sent debug.log for @backpacker69 3d ago and wait for reply , hope soon find my problem