Is this the right place for Technical Questions?

If it isn’t then I apologize. Where is the right place to post them?

If it is the right place then could anyone give me any advice on how to get the address a transaction was sent to. I am using the RPI calls and the function listtransactions to get the following information.
[account] =>
[address] =>
[category] =>
[amount] =>
[confirmations] =>
[blockhash] =>
[blockindex] =>
[txid] =>
[time] =>
But I also really need to get the actual address that the transaction was sent to. I sure there must be a way to do it but my lack of PPcoind knowledge is letting me down.


I meant RPC not RPI. Also I’m using php, that shouldn’t make a difference though. Anyone?

Just in case anyone else is having the same issue, it looks like you would need to use ‘getrawtransaction’. Only it isn’t supported in ppcoind yet. Sad face. So it looks like the only way to get this info at the moment would be to use ‘getblock’ and then search through the returned (non json formatted) data. Far from ideal.