Is this the first OP_RETURN transaction on the peercoin chain?

txnid: 2d101a202de7b468a43649bd6eda9dcd6372ba368e829c1e0e5f62640c0bee04
Block Height: 249393

More is coming …

Yours sincerely,

I ve parsed every block starting from 230000.
so far this is the first I ve found :stuck_out_tongue:

Getttttting place in legentary thread! :stuck_out_tongue:

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Thumbs up hrobeers!

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[quote=“thehuntergames, post:2, topic:3990”]I ve parsed every block starting from 230000.
so far this is the first I ve found :P[/quote]

[member=30004]thehuntergames[/member] Your parser seems to be working :wink:
How long would it take you to parse the entire chain?
Maybe best to parse from 230000 to 0 (newest first)

It is not impossible OP_RETURN txns exist before v0.5
It’s unlikely as they weren’t in the standard txn list, but someone could have minted one in.

“One day peercoin will rule the world. Yours sincerely, hrobeers”
is forever engraved in the Peercoin blockchain 8)

Nice work!

chainz.cryptoid indicates it is the first one on the chain!

If nobody proves me wrong soon, I claim the first OP_RETURN on the peercoin chain!!!

Thanks guys for sharing my excitement :slight_smile:

I suggest you buy a large pair of sunglasses before someone recognize you in the supermarket and asks for autographs:P

I’ll do ;D

Meanwhile I claimed it on twitter:

What is the significance of this? :omg:

Technically, not much.

But there is a lot of discussion going on about the block size limit and the 80byte op_return size limit.
I don’t like all this blabla without boomboom, so now I’m highlighting that before me, nobody ever used an OP_RETURN transaction.
So let’s try to use what we have first, before we start discussing what we need more.

And apart form that, I’m having fun and I’m very proud that the first “graffiti” on the chain holds my name :slight_smile:

[member=32827]hrobeers[/member] included message in his peercoin transaction which was placed in blockchain and will stay there as long as peercoin will be alive. Just as many and as much :slight_smile: