Is there anyone have anyidea about when sunny release new version of ppcoin?

Will the cold lock wallet feature be included in the next version?
It seems like there is not much code update in github since last month.
Anyone knows if ppcoin is sunny king’s full time job?

I´m also a little bit concerned about the wallet. I think it´s very importent for the future of ppcoin to get a userfriendly wallet as soon as possible.

I see two things which are note realy time consuming to implement (as far as I can say that as a non programmer) but make a huge step forward.

  1. Remove the Bitcoin lables in the wallet and replace by PPCoin
  2. Implement a feature to unlock minting directly in the wallet.

I’ve said it before but proof of stake needs a coin control user interface even more than a proof of work coin does. It will have to have a few more options and fields than this implementation though.