Is POS calculator still alive ? or intesresting to get updated?


I discovered the project POS Calculator available here :
Code source is available here and I would love to update it (like fixing POS real time difficulty) but is there any interest ?

Two pull request are still open since many years…
Thank you for your thoughts,


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The original author is no longer active member of the community. You can fork the project and we can help you re-host it?

@Librius I am still hosting the project and have merged the two old pull requests, if you want to update it and submit pull requests I’d be happy to review and update the deployed version


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It’s best this is moved to main Peercoin org on the Github, at, and hosted via Github gh-pages.
We can also forward to it.

Thank you @Fuzzybear for your time! I’m glad the project revive.
Is there any “legal” way to get the last difficulty from peerchain blockchain ?
Or is that ok to use third part like this one : ?

About the GA-code, is there any new one to include ?
Last but not least, maybe it’s time to get to v1.0 ?

What other functionalities have been imagined on this one ? :slight_smile:

you can use the command getdifficulty when you’re running a peercoin node, in the console, or from the commandline


Good !
I’ve got anything I need to work on now :wink:

I’ll keep you update once my pull request will be done and this repo may be moved to the official peercoin github next ?

@Fuzzybear if that is fine with you transfer the repository ownership to

@peerchemist sure do you want to fork my repo into the peercoin github… or do I transfer it in?

just found the transfer… but I can not transfer into peercoin github as get an error…

“You don’t have the permission to create repositories on peercoin”

Transfer it.


Ok I need to add you as collaborator first. You’ll get email in a few moments.

all transferred in and ty for the add


I’ll handle the gh-pages and DNS forwarding later today .


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I finished working on the files !
Unfortunately, I’m not very at ease using Git.

When i do git push , i don’t have right on it.
Can you please tell me how can i create a pull request on it ?

If this can help, I did git clone at first on my laptop before working on it.

Fork the repository, then work on your own branch and ask for PR (pull request). It’s all easy on the github. Google it :slight_smile:

After some mistakes, should be all god right now :slight_smile:
Please let me know !


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Thanks @Fuzzybear for merging !
@peerchemist it’s up to you to update the gh-pages now I guess … :slight_smile: