Is Peershares dead?

The last commit on github was Jun 22, 2015

[ul][li]I started exploring the source code.[/li]
[li]Tried to compile with Qt5, doesn’t work.[/li]
[li]Found out that Bitcoin already ported to Qt5.[/li]
[li]Investigated if it would be easy to merge from the bitcoin repo.[/li]
[li]Found out that the branches and tags are a mess! it’s not clear which are the peershares branches/tags, which are the peercoin branches/tags and if there is a bitcoin branch.[/li][/ul]

This complete mess, especially the branching and tagging mess, makes me feel that I’m completely on my own when starting a peershares project.
That I’ll be fully responsible to keep up to date with upstream bitcoin and peercoin changes.

Any comments?

After some more fiddling with the code, things don’t look as bad as I first thought.
I’ll probably be able to manage it.

But the question still remains:
Is Peershares dead?

In the sense of not actively maintained? Then yes.

It has rather been merged in the Nubits project.

there used to be this but it never got beyond being an idea

This is good info. I believe I have a clear picture of the status now.

There are so many options (e.g. building on ethereum, forking peercoin, forking …) and therefore so much to investigate, that it is difficult to decide what to start from.

Peershares still seems a good starting point for my idea.
It’s good to know that I’ll be responsible myself to keep up to date with upstream (peercoin and bitcoin).


Peershares was developed as a platform to create DAOs/DACs. Jordan Lee received funding to build NuBits, but before that could be done, he first needed to build Peershares. Nu was built off of the Peershares platform. It is however not the responsibility of Jordan Lee or his team to keep the Peershares repo up to date. His ultimate goal was to build Nu, not to provide this platform free of charge, therefore all further development by his team has been spent on Nu itself, rather than Peershares.

A new Peershares based DAO is also currently being built by Jordan, which is called B&C Exchange. Rather than pull from the outdated Peershares repo though, they used the NuBits repo, which was more up to date. I’m not sure they will be updating Peershares unless there is a good reason. Good developers are limited in number and they’ve been put to work on the DAOs we already have and are currently building.

Maybe in the future it can be updated as more developers are attracted to Peershares because of the success of Nu and B&C and other DAOs we build. For now though, the most updated Peershares repo is Nu, except for the fact that it has things built into the protocol which are specific to Nu and wouldn’t apply to other DAOs. For example, it has code which Peershares lacks like motion voting, custodial grants to print more shares, but it also has things that don’t apply to other DAOs like parking interest rates. You would need to take the extra stuff out that you didn’t need.

Currently my options seem to be:

[ul][li]fork Preercoin
pro: Actively maintained
con: More modifications to get a pure PoS system[/li]
[li]fork peershares
pro: Almost ready to start implementing my business logic on
con: I need to maintain the peershares code (that I did not write)[/li]
[li]fork nushares/nubits
pro: A stable credit system and a shareholders system in one go
con: steeper and higher learning curve[/li][/ul]

Forking peershares seems to get me started the quickest.
But NuShares/NuBits might give me a better and product.
So I guess I’ll start investigating that option for a while.

Thanks for the good info guys!

There is one possibility where I could see the Nu/B&C team updating the Peershares code. B&C Exchange will be split into two trading categories, cryptocurrencies and cryptoequities. Peershares are in the cryptoequities category. I have made the case that updating Peershares and providing a platform for people to start their own cryptoequities could help B&C Exchange by profiting from the trading fees. Essentially, we would provide a platform for cryptoequities and also a place to trade them. Even if that did happen though, I wouldn’t count on it happening anytime soon, at least until after B&C is released.

Fork Nu and start from there. Disable the things you don’t need. Nu has had far more security improvements than Peershares. The 2.1 codebase is still being polished and there are some issues, but by the time you’ve familiarized yourself with the code base we should have it all fixed. Just disable anything you don’t need. Motion voting is a huge positive to have and Peershares doesn’t have it. Even if it takes a bit longer to figure things out your project with be safer starting from Nu.

Thanks for the advice CoinGame

I’ll check if it’s easy to disable unneeded features in nushares.
Security wise this is indeed the best option.

[quote=“irritant, post:4, topic:3771”]there used to be this but it never got beyond being an idea[/quote]

I actually hope to be updating this soon and finishing it off, will be offering a peershares instance for starters then a Nubits and parameters turning on and off etc

[member=32827]hrobeers[/member] if u have any questions or issues please feel free to PM me i have worked on this a lot and fairly recently to.


Thanks for all the help guys!

I’ve been learning a lot about the Bitcoin script and smart contracts on ethereum.

It seems that forking Peershares/NuShares and using P2SH on the Peercoin chain will make it possible to realize my idea using Peercoin as the currency!

The more I learn about the Blockchain the more impressed I am.

I’ll keep you guys updated on any progress.

However I still have a lot of work on my current pet project so expect some delay :wink:
Feel free to check out my current (not blockchain related) project here: