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Glad to have made an impact and to have you here in the community!


Hi all I am Krugz. Fairly new to cryptocurrency and the technology behind it, but I have always been interested in new ideas and technology and I find the entire block chain idea exciting. I read about bit-coins a few years ago, (when they were still less than $100) but unfortunately I didn’t take the time to get a solid understanding of the entire system until last year. Now I have about 10-11 months of learning and research, so it is getting clearer, and I believe the block chain format is going to revolutionize many sectors beyond currency. I want to learn all I can handle while it is still growing and developing.

One hurdle has been the fact I am unable to code, so much of it is still above my understanding. I can understand the ideas and philosophies, but not the language. Sadly, I just missed the birth of computers. I had an Atari 800 “back in the day,” and was learning to code then. I was 12 and in classes with 28-30 years-olds. Then I went to high school, and we had no computers in school yet, so my education stagnated. Then windows came out, and with no PCs to use, coding walked right past me. I feel I could learn it because I understood it then, and it doesn’t seen to have changed all that much.

That said, I have had some trouble with some wallets, but I have been able to connect the daemon on all of them so far. Sadly, I have not been able to figure out how to set up the config file for the peercoin wallet yet. Everything I see in the forums is still above my head. Is there any more basic tutorials for setting up the config file? any support for getting this wallet up and running would be appreciated.



Welcome aboard Krugz!

I remember a while back somebody putting together a step by step guide to setting up a wallet and sharing it with the forum here: Peercoin-QT Desktop Wallet Guide - Needs Approval!

In short, you can find that step by step how to set up Peercoin-QT wallet guide here:

I hope that helps. :v:

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Ciao a tutti.
Sono Giuseppe
I peercoin diventaranno la moneta principale di scambio.


Hi everyone and moderators! I’m AlexandreV and got my peercoins back in 2014, as well as somme other currencies… and I still have them. I join the forum today. I wish you a nice day.

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Hi everyone. I found useful info about Peercoin on this Crypto News website. Hopefully some of the articles will help you all.

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There is no doubt that peercoin is awesome. As I am a newb too, so digging out information to educate myself and others too, if required. As I love to collect various crypto coin’s information and learn their uses. So, if you too interested in the same, then you should have a look to: and I have found them on Telegram too. Telegram Link:

Do share your thoughts on the same and your experience.

Side by side I am taking knowledge of ICOs too.


Insisting on the idea is the greatest wealth, i like peercoin


Hi everyone. I have been doing research in blockchain for a while. Recently I found peercoin and primecoin from Sunny King very fascinating. Looking forward to discuss with you all.

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Hey guys! I’m Steve and I started to dealt with crypto assets since a couple of years ago. Peercoin and Primecoin used to be very hot. Pity.


Peercoin can carry a lot of people’s dreams.


Sure. Proof of Stake from Peercoin has bred lots of later creativity for the crypto industry. Sunny King deserves much more respect.

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I'm new here :)

Great, thanks for your support. If you need anything to get some time to breath, let me know. Got a massive network of social media people (all channels, copywriters, marketing people with heart, storytelling people) - would love to be part of the Peercoin Story.

Best from Greece,


Hey everyone,
If this is the wrong place let me know. I have been looking over all the peercoin documentation and am trying to recreate peercoin for a university project. I would like to edit the distribution to emit all of the PoW blocks within one month. I know coins like blackcoin and mint coin have done this but I would like to start with peercoins latest source. I want it to be only PoS to secure the network when I show it to my professor.



What do you mean by “all of”? Peercoin’s block reward is related to the PoW difficulty, and as such there is no explicit limit to the total number of coins.


Hello everyone!
I am excited to be here


Hello and welcome!


This is a great thread with resource about Peercoin! Most coins don’t have something like this.

We used the information provided to update our Peercoin coin page, but we came across an issue. We wanted to add the Project List page, but seems to be down.

Is there another url for this?


#305 is down for the moment while we are restructuring the website, docs and and other relevant sub-sites.

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Ok, thanks for the quick reply! Please reply to this thread once it’s done. We can update our links after that.