Interested in purchasing Peercoin

Hello all,

I’m interested in safely purchasing some Peercoin. I am flexible in the payment process, as long as it is transparent, easy to follow, and reasonably reliable.

I am looking to buy: 1,000 PPC. Possibly more, if the price is good. No Primecoin.
Price range: $0.05-$0.15 USD per PPC.

Please PM if you are willing to make a deal.

Thank you!

Good luck :slight_smile:

there’s an offer for your wanted size on btc-e at 0.23. don’t think you’ll get any better than that today. you can wait a couple of weeks, and surely you’re going to get them at 0.15 or below. just wait.

Again, good luck with that ^^

The price is never predictable – that’s all I can predict! :stuck_out_tongue:

[member=32506]Lanzer[/member] I don’t think anyone will sell to you at below the price shown on BTC-e. People would probably prefer to sell their coins for that higher price, instead.

Okay, thanks for the responses.

My strategy is very simple and straight forward.
I have an account with Circle in which I try to maintain at least 1 BTC. When the price/market is right, I buy BTC and PPC.
The way I buy PPC is by using to sell BTC for PPC. The exchange rate is reasonable and it works instantly.
This way I don’t have to worry about maintaining accounts with exchanges.

Given the market price of PPC, OP, what makes you think someone is willing to take a significant hit on their current PPC investment???