Integration between website(s) and forum

Have been browsing around a bit in the mods for SMF and found this:
That would be nice to have on our website. That way both worlds come a bit close together.

However, what I’m really hoping and looking for is some integration of external content into the Bounty board of our forum. The current website stands on its own and we can only link to it. I’m looking to have a board which directly lists some summary content from, e.g. project name, short description, funding, developer, github link, latest status update and maybe a logo or picture etc. and still a link to for further details. It should just be a teaser and it should be updated automatically e.g. once a day. That way it would be easier for the community to get overview of status of active projects and actively participate and/or discuss the project with others, developers and fundraisers.

So, I have a few questions:

  1. Is someone aware of plugin which allows integration with website or something close to this?
  2. Is it worth/desirable to develop something for our forum and raise funds to have it build?
  3. Or am I the only one thinking this is a good idea and should we just do this manually?