Improving App Development Thread

This thread is aimed to identify improvements to simplify app development on top of peercoin. Common questions and answers will be captured here as well as opportunities for improvements.

For example,

  1. Where do developers get testnet coins?

Please check with members hrobeers or Nagalim to request test net coins.

Also, the testnet difficulty is low so it should be possible to mine.

  1. How to quickly setup a local testnet?

There are both docker containers as well as a Vagrant setup that can expedite the setup and install.

  1. What are example applications that developers can refer to?
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You can really easily get coins on testnet by mining with your cpu, the diff is super low. Or just ask, ill send you a bunch.

What would it take to get a Peercoin test net faucet going?

A faucet software (probably something exists) and some testnet coins :slight_smile:

testnet coins can easily be mined with a CPU.

But you can also easily get them from others. I’m a testnet millionaire.

@peercoinops: Why would you change the coinbasematurity parameter? I don’t see any point in it.
Changing it could make the chain fork.

Parameter update is only for local test net. Decreasing could incur more chain forks while increasing would have the opposite effect. It’s a way for developers to local evaluate different scenarios.

I am going to move this parameter discussion to another topic to keep this thread focused.