IMPORTANT: Kevin Rose (Founder of Digg) mentions Peercoin and Primecoin again

"Kevin Rose ‏@kevinrose 17h

outside of bitcoin, what alt currencies do you like - not just bitcoin name forks but innovation? I’m a reading up on primecoin & peercoin"

Done! This is the second time he’s mentioned Peercoin. It sounds like he’s interested in the innovations we offer the crypto world.

Followed up and pointed him here to learn more about Peercoin

Guys, this really needs some love. If you don’t have a twitter, just grab it. I promise, nobody will force you to tweet Miley Cyrus. It’s an effective tool for us to spread the word and protect YOUR investment. Our success will come down to small wins each day. Please take just a minute and help spread the word.

A couple hours ago I tweeted him telling him that after he’s done researching Peercoin and Primecoin, I could set him up with Sunny King if he had any further questions that needed answering. I’m sure Sunny would do that if it was a big celebrity in the tech community right?

I’m sure if he realizes how much more secure PPC is than bitcoin he would get on the boat. I wouldn’t mind having a celebrity hop in.