Ignore button

I really would like to see an ignore button, this way people can just ignore things they dont like, when people are trying to talk about dumping their coins the topic doesn’t have to be locked right away, people can just ignore the people that are talking trash, while preserving the freedom of speech, and I can ignore other stuff that distracts me from important things, so if @Fuzzybear is still around , please add this feature to the forum, thanks

Agree, that is better than locking threads which I also don’t like that much.

For the record, no one was silencing Percy, he had plenty of people reply to him.

What happened is that the thread started spiraling into other discussions about peercoin’s price today, tomorrow, where the bottoms and highs might be, etc.

This no longer had anything do with Percy or his dumping. I agree with Sentinelrv locking that particular thread, that’s what a forum moderator does… If we didn’t have that, some discussions would spiral in a non-sensical sense and make navigating the forums a lot worse.

Sometimes I wonder the motives behind certain people that would gain to benefit here.

For instance, if we littered the forums with “dumping post subject lines”… is it so we can watch the beauty of Peercoin’s price take a huge dive? Perhaps down to 6 cents or 3 cents… so we could then all buy back in, after what happened with Nu, and then revive Peercoin when all of us are ready again?

That’s not really fair. When FUD is posted in the forum, after there is an initial outburst, some discussion, if the discussion changes onto other things, it needs to be moderated. Asking for ignore buttons and taking away locking thread privileges from a forum moderator is not the way to go.

If you do want that type of system, steemit is run that way. There is no moderator, you can FUD as much as you want, and people have ignore buttons on there. Perhaps steem would be a better place for those type of discussions?