Ideas for Marketing Fund

If you have any ideas for potential marketing fund proposals (but do not want to submit the proposal yourself), please post them in this thread so that hopefully someone else will pick it up.

Cybnate has already posted many ideas:

[quote=“Cybnate, post:2, topic:2580”]- Marketing portal with all peercoin services and goodies nicely presented (website can link to it or it can just be a page on website)

  • Making a template for a press release
  • Providing quality articles for newsletter or website
  • Creating video snippets, 10-20 seconds of video promoting aspects of Peercoin for Youtube channel
  • Create banners, pictures etc. we can use for Peercoin advertising
  • Presenting Peercoin on conferences or meetings
  • Most viewed Peercoin promoting post on Bitcointalk contest
  • The hosting of interesting projects improving or promoting use of Peercoins
  • Small seed or support to start Peercoin promoting business selling Peercoin related products
  • Best Peercoin in the news, -photo, -article, -on the radio or even -on tv!
  • Lobbying and convincing payment providers, high profile merchants or exchanges to add Peercoins
  • Charts comparing Peercoin with other coins

Just a few ideas, be creative. Funding for hours spent, materials or cost of professionals, where reasonable is not a problem. As long as it is not excessive and appeals to the majority of the community.[/quote]

Just one idea I would like to add is doing an advertising trial with CoinURL. A benefit of trying them is that they accept payment in Peercoin.

Would love to see a bit more activity, but we’ll need some more people to do the job. Remember the Fund will pay you for the right services.
I would also be keen to hear why people won’t sign up to do this. Does nobody have time? Too much work for a proposal? Are we all professional volunteers ???

Let us hear and we might be able to do something about it. The PPCs in the Marketing Fund are waiting for some community love…

I would like to read the book first but an idea to advertise tykes book on peercoin on sites coinmarketcap, bitcointtalk bitcoinmagazine.


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I like the idea, I’d also like to read the book, but first watch a video review from [member=29308]Chronos[/member] about it! :slight_smile:

Hey all,

So I enquired as to the cost of advertising on Coinmarketcap and sister sites they sent me the following useful doc to show breakdown of costs


CoinTelegraph media group price list
Banner placement Size Price (USD)
1 month
All sites
"Banners on all sites
" $6000
Main page (among articles) 373x369 $1500
All articles pages (side banner ad) 390x260 $1800
Leaderboard (main page) 1160x65 2000
Leaderboard (all articles pages) 1160x65 $4000
Text ad under each article N/A (text only) $1200
Main page, 2nd Vertical Skyscraper (1 in rotation) 160x600 $5000
Main page, Top (4 in rotation) 728x90 $2500
Main page, 1st Vertical Skyscrapper (4 in rotation) 160x600 $2000
Other pages, 2d Vertical Skyscraper (1 in rotation) 160x600 $5000
Other pages TOP (4 in rotation) 728x90 $2500
Vertical Skyscraper, Other than the Main Page (4 in rotation) 160x600 $2000

and these are monthly prices



Please take the following comments for what they’re worth. I’m an engineer with no formal marketing education, training, or experience…

I think advertising on CMC or any cryptocoin-related website, publication, podcast, etc is a bad use of resources. It’s especially unwise given the amount of USD that CMC is asking for. Why do I say this? Those of us who have been around this space long enough know that allegiances to a particular coin or protocol are largely tribal, almost to the point of fanatacism. I think the situation can be reasonably equated to religion. A banner ad is highly unlikely to change anyone’s thinking or even arouse curiosity when a typical user visits CMC. They go there to check the score (ranking) and to root for their investments. I strongly doubt a banner ad will sway them to look at the competition. It might even be viewed as a sign of desperation by the coin’s promoters. The only thing likely to generate interest in a CMC visitor is a rise in Peercoin’s value relative to the USD.

I contend that it’s better to make a marketing push to find brand new users entirely outside of the crypto community. You’d be targeting people who may have heard about Bitcoin, but could use some educating as to its flaws and the existence of alternatives. A great example would be what Dogecoin did with NASCAR. Although I’m not sure the NASCAR crowd is the best audience for Dogecoin, this is the essentially the direction I would suggest pursuing.

How about doing a sponsorship for the upcoming X-Games? I wonder how much a banner on a motorcycle, truck, BMX bike, or skateboard would cost? Isn’t this the risk-taking, edgy audience a crypto-currency wants to attract? The idea is to get the name out there to a large television audience. Red Bull and Monster Energy have clearly seen the value in marketing this way.

Another thought is to setup a table at the world’s fair of money:

This is primarily a numismatic event for (older) folks interested in hard currency; I do know that many of them are curious about digital money and receptive to the idea. Silver, gold, platinum, and a wide variety of rare coins are all sold by a multitude of vendors at such shows. I feel certain that a Peercoin table would get a lot of attention and offer the opportunity to educate, download wallets, and to sell PPC face-to-face for fiat or even give away some free coins. I don’t know what a dealer table costs, but I suspect it’s cheaper than a banner ad on CMC.

How about getting, a freelance journalist to write an article about b&c auction?

I don’t want to see the marketing discussion go dormant. At this point in time, we could dearly use an injection of some new energy. How about thinking outside the box?

Would the community be interested in a crowd funding campaign similar to what Dogecoin did with NASCAR?

I propose that we look at NHRA drag racing:

A top-tier nitromethane car costs many millions of dollars to campaign for a season, but there are one race opportunities available that might be within the reach of a motivated crypto community. There are also amateur racers running methanol powered cars that look, sound, and perform just about the same. A single race sponsorship might be had for a relatively small fee as these guys are covering expenses out of their pockets and would likely welcome anything.

I’m no marketing guru, but I’d like to go in a direction other than running banner ads on CMC. Because something like a racecar sponsorship is so different, I think it could get a lot of attention. I know the Dogecoin car sure did.

I’ll start the ball rolling. Count me in for $500.

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