Idea: Personal Immutable Place

Can we make it possible for anyone to have their own so that it functions similar to a personal “wall” that you can embed anywhere.

I think it could be a fun way to spread adoption; could also be a fun way to tip people if part of the fee goes to the person you’re writing on

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Im just gonna say that i think this is a really good idea.

I don’t disagree. I just wonder how would this work.

@MatthewLM can we make it so that everything is client-side. A web app which connects to a local node or remote API to fetch all the required data off chain and use it to render ones own canvas?

Possibly but that would be a lot of work. If the back-end of is open-sourced, then people could spin up their own servers with whatever prefix they want though it wouldn’t be super-straightforward for people to do so.

It would be all but straightforward. People generally don’t want to handle servers and docker containers.

If a person were to donate 10 ppc, for example, we could host their 100x100 pixel canvas for them.

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