Iam trying to clone Peercoin, but I get the following error when trying to premine the coins using generate to address [closed]

I am trying to clone the peercoin code. I have created genesis block correctly. But when I try to pre-mine the coins using generatetoaddress which uses POW, I get the following error RROR: GetLastStakeModifier: no generation at genesis block

I looked at the code and it seems that when it calls “GetLastStakeModifier” it can not find a stake modifier in the genesis block since I only have the genesis block.

Should I generate a stakemodifier to genesis block? How to do that? When I run getblock I get the following, which looks like it already have modifierchecksum.

{ “hash”: “00000000595887d63ac6a42cc43f86b8d8b970a24e712a08c96e2b6028b36e7e”, “confirmations”: 1, “strippedsize”: 222, “size”: 222, “weight”: 888, “height”: 0, “version”: 1, “versionHex”: “00000001”, “merkleroot”: “73816201d0ec55dd2c11d16eaf6da93a6444a4f9a415df14cad9f605e8ac8ea7”, “tx”: [ “73816201d0ec55dd2c11d16eaf6da93a6444a4f9a415df14cad9f605e8ac8ea7” ], “time”: 1670910484, “mediantime”: 1670910484, “nonce”: 2250407151, “bits”: “1d00ffff”, “difficulty”: 1, “mint”: 0.000000, “chainwork”: “0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000001”, “nTx”: 1, “flags”: “proof-of-work”, “proofhash”: “00000000595887d63ac6a42cc43f86b8d8b970a24e712a08c96e2b6028b36e7e”, “entropybit”: 0, “modifier”: “0000000000000000”, “modifierchecksum”: “e0f05322”, “blocksignature”: “” }

thanks Mina