I would like to suggest a different wordpress theme for peercoin.net

I don’t like these templates because I not only don’t like animations on the page, I use NoScript plug-in on Firefox to block all javascripts by default. I can manually allow the main site in order to show the contents. But it seems that the template requires me to allow many more sites for it to run.

I like a site that has clarity and efficiency. Maybe it’s just me. But I suspect I am not alone in the crowd who prefer long-term security (which PPC distinctively offer).

All right yall. I’m off today, so have downloaded that theme and will try to throw some stuff together and eliminate any script/complexities.

I know I might be wasting my time because it might get downvoted by consensus but I think worth giving a try.

Will get back with yall later today.

I should note also that, if a lot of folks do like it, I can give the theme to super3 to put over the current site.

So you’re going to work on it in the hopes that a majority of people will like the finished product more? If not, at least we’ll be getting drop down menus on the current theme.

Yes. I threw something together based on that theme I proposed. As I did I realized the improvements I had hoped for the current site were multiple:

  1. Simplicity of messaging and menus.

  2. Organization of data (not having all that stuff down in the footer, rather getting it in the menus).

  3. Style. I think this is huge but I realize many people diverge on style. It’s hard to get consensus. And I’m sure not everybody will like the approach I took.

In any case, here it is: http://bringcoin.com/peercoin/

This has just been thrown together, by the way. Would love to know if the small group on this thread thinks this is in the right direction. If so, I will refine much of look and feel and start a high level thread to get wide scale feedback and work with Super on the current site.

Yes, Sentinelrv, we can make the menus whatever they need to be and can include as many sub-pages as we like.

If yall don’t think its even close to the right direction, I will abort this mission and try to think about how I can help super3 improve the current site.

I refined it a bit. I think I’m just going to throw it out to the community to see what they think. http://bringcoin.com/peercoin/