How to: Peerbox Support Thread (Updated to v0.6.1)


@fishb0ne I’m not sure wether I got it right or not, but it seems that you are having several discussions in different threads related to your problem getting the peerbox/peercoin running on your Pi. Could you just sum up the current state here in this thread? This makes it easier on the one hand to support you and on the other hand it makes it easier for other members of the community to find a solution in case they are having the same problem.



I’ve been trying to install both Peercoin and Peerbox, and neither worked up until this point. For that reason I kept the conversations in their own threads.
I was able to successfully install Peercoin by simply ditching my Pi B+ in favor for a Pi 2 B. So it looks to me like the compiler was failing due to insufficient resources.
I’m about to try to install Peerbox again on my Pi B+ using Jessie Lite from scratch. I’ll keep you posted on how that goes.

It is great to hear someone has picked up development where peerchemist has left off!


I installed peerbox on Jessie Lite on a Pi Zero just about a month ago (update to new peerbox version which made it necessary to uninstall old version) and I had no problems. The specs of the Pi Zero and the Pi B+ are nearly the same, so I guess it should work if you are doing as written in the initial post of this thread.

Thanks for keeping me updated


Well, it will take some time to fully understand what’s going on in the script, but I’m doing my best to provide you tools you can work with.

Nevertheless, the success of a coin or any other kind of project is based on it’s community. So at the end it takes each one of us to get as much nodes running as possible and support the peercoin network.


Peerbox has been running for the last 2 hours :slight_smile:


A couple of things:

Issues with the tor connection:

  • not able to get more than 8 connections
  • tor connection eventually gets dropped, automatically reverting back to my personal IP address

In a related issue, I think it important to be able to obfuscate, or spoof the node’s IP address. While PPC is not a high value target at the moment that could well change, making security more of an issue for those running nodes from domestic locations. Don’t know if obfuscation is even doable. I’ve tried a number of tactics, including a variety of VPN setups - to no avail.

Thanks AB3D, for taking this on


Privacy is a good point. I’m running 2 modes at residential locations, I’d rather not show up on maps if possible.


Sorry for coming back to you so late, I had been busy.

To be honest, I never used tor by myself until now, so this is something completely new to me. But it seems to me, that both tor issues are somehow related to ppcoind, which is not part of the scripts I am maintaining. Nevertheless I will set up a node with tor for testing purposes and have a look at it. But I cannot promise right now when I will do.

I read the whole support thread here yesterday in the evening trying to get a first impression of your problem and I saw that peerchemist told you, that he wasn’t able to find out what exactly is the reason for only sometimes getting more than 8 connections in tor mode. It sometimes works and sometimes not. Not sure, but handling the connections is, as far as I understand, part of ppcoind. I can test and try to analyze what’s happening.

I also checked the scripts and if I understood right, when starting peerbox with -tor then tor is started, a generic hostname/address is generated and ppcoind is started with this generic hostname/address. So ppcoind works with tor and then suddenly your local IP is used again, I think that this behaviour might also somehow be related to the connection handling in ppcoind. Nevertheless, I’m going to have a look at it. Maybe I’m able to find something.

But there is also something you could do. If you are able to reproduce this behaviour very easily, it would be great if you would provide my your error.log. This may be quite helpful.

Regarding your and @fishbone 's privacy topic. If tor is working, your external IP would be - more or less - obfuscated, right?



Thank you for taking lead on the project. It’s good to see activity again.

The Tor issues are sporadic, and searching the history there are several users reporting the same problem.

It could be occurring when Tor updates the circuit path and ppcoind is not handling this event properly. Or some other change/update in Tor that is not updated in ppcoind.

Or maybe even firewall.

Though I think we can help by adding debugging logic and instrumenting the code and collecting the data and relevant events.

However, I think we as a community need a way to package and modify Peerbox ourselves. If we can figure out how to run the debian package scripts I think this will be a good start as there are already several members who are willing and are compiling themselves.


OK, ran peerbox -tor, got an obfuscated IP address which has apparently not yet flipped back to my local IP (that’s good), but again only 8 connections.
There is a debug.log in the .ppcoin directory - is that what you are looking for? I’ve saved that as a file. What is the best way to get it to you? Is it OK to just upload that file included in a reply, or is there sensitive info in there that should concern me?
Sorry for the paranoia & inexperience,


Yes exactly, it’s the debug.log I was asking for. Not sure if it works, but I’d suggest that you send me a PN and attach the debug.log. I guess that should work. If not, we’ll find another way :wink:


Hi all,

I’m sure some of you might have already seen it, but I’d also like to post it here, because this thread it getting more active again in the last days and it fits here quite well.

I designed 3d printable Pi Zero enclosures in Peercoin Design about a month ago. I offer them in this thread: UPDATE: Raspberry Pi enclosure in peercoin design + new designs

I also plan to design some enclosures for Pi B+/2/3. But before I do so, I’d like to know whether someone’s interested in such enclosures. So if someone’s interested, please like this post. This does not mean, that you finally have to take one ;-).

Please write any comments or questions related to the enclosures in the appropriate thread, thanks.


So I checked Bitinfocharts, the only site I am aware of which maps full nodes, and I’m not listed there. For now, I’m not going to worry about using my real IP


I have bought a new SD card in order to do a fresh raspbian install and try this peerbox.
I thought it would really take 20 mins, but i’ve lost half a day while putting on the image and fiddling with it :smiley:

I have booted up, connected with SSH and updated everything. While installing “peerbox” it stops saying it needs “ppcoin” installed first. So now, many opened tabs later i’m still compiling it from the source.

I was also following: Headless mint with Raspberry Pi Guide

Is there an updated guide for all of this? A script that does everything?

I just needed to setup a wallet on the raspberrypi and import my already existing .dat file just to leave it minting while i’m at work. Suggestions?


which version of raspbian are you using?
you need for peerbox


I have downloaded and put the latest one “RASPBIAN STRETCH WITH DESKTOP March 2018” on the SD card, then enabled the terminal bootup.


that is the problem
you need to download Jessie


Goddamn, alright I’ll do it again tomorrow. Thanks


@irritant I’ve finally managed to see it working :slight_smile:


  • how do I update it? my version is “ppc_version”: “v0.6.1.0-g8c9f8b589bb”, can I go on with this?
  • How do I import my existing .dat wallet? or my private key

Thanks in advance


yes, you can go on with 0.6.1
wallet is in ~/.ppcoin , there you put your existing wallet.dat