How to invest in peershares?

Are these investable yet? If not, at what date approximately?

Jordan Lee addressed it here.

"This is worth repeating: Because a business owner using Peershare must purchase Peercoins before he can distribute them as dividends, Peershare will certainly increase demand for Peercoins. So, if you are bullish on Peershare, buying Peercoins is the right trade."

For now the best way to support its development is by buying Peercoin.

I understand the principle of peershares and how it could help investments in small business and otherwise, but I have a question.

Is peershares strictly remaining a stand alone block ‘along side’ peercoins for business investment purposes, or is the future development
of peershares to merge and become the future of peercoin?

I know this sounds stupid, but as separate entity I get peershares, and peercoins, but I guess I just can’t wrap my head around the total picture yet.

I can see a point in the future where they could be integrated into a common wallet, but functionally, each Peershares instance (a company offering) has its own separate block chain, so there’s nothing that could be integrated with the Peercoin block chain.