[How To] immutable.place

I’ve been studying how to best interact with the canvas. I’ll propose a workflow that will allow you to paint quickly and easily.
Writing this for testnet version as mainnet is not live.

Mobile wallet

Using immutable.place is easiest from the mobile wallet.
Find what do you want to draw, I’m doing this “UTXO …” writing in the upper right.

Select a pixel and color you want to draw:

In your mobile wallet, go to Send tab

Click “Scan QR-Code” and scan the code on the immutable.place

Now, if you have only wanted to paint a single pixel, click “Send” and then click “I HAVE MADE PAYMENT” on the immutable.place.

If you want to paint more pixels in the same transaction click “I HAVE MADE PAYMENT” and continue to select another pixel.

In the mobile app, click “+ Add address”, to instruct the wallet about yet another output of this transaction. Continue to “Scan QR-Code” for as many pixels as you want.

In this way, you can paint the entire picture in the same transaction, and you will save both time and transaction fees.