How much can you really earn from staking?

I’ve read a lot of articles but I have found no answers so far. How much can I earn if I stake lets say 100 ppc. Some people said that this will only earn around 1 ppc per year, Is this true? If so that is a very low return rate compared to other POS coins out their. I also heard others saying that if you stake 100 ppc then when you get chosen to mint a block you get 1 ppc which would mean more than 1 ppc per year. I just started buying some peercoin a few days ago and I want to know if I can stake and earn money or do I also have to mine. If I need to mine I got some 1050 ti cards siting around. Feel free to discuss anything about staking ppc here.

It depends. If you think PPC will rise then 1 PPC / year is quite good. I agree there’s more POS coins that can get you a better reward. Mining will get you some as well. PoS is just a “new” way of mining coins. The good thing is, that you can mint with whatever hardware, unlike mining.
Drawbacks are that you still need to get a lot of PPC to have probability of minting and then get rewards.
Another thing is that you don’t really get PPC by year but in chucks starting 30 days after the first transaction. (somethings that I didn’t get well at first)

Firstly I suggest you to go on to know more about minting process.
You can always check here to calculate minting ROI.

Of course you see it’s not that much earning but I would say that it’s quite convenient to let 100 coins or more staking time to time and see how it goes ?

Mining/ASIC/GPU for example are more expensive and not really convenient to maintain unlike minting.

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You would earn about 1% or 1 PPC yearly. This is to incentive participation in the PoS side similar to other PoS coins, however it is not for profit, but rather to keep pace with the supply. PoS minting for profit skews the distribution which then causes rich-get-richer phenomena. PoW is better suited for fair distribution and competition which helps a coin stay healthy. You’ll note many pure PoS coins are very illiquid or mostly held by a small party. With PoW miners can still make their profit, and the supply stays health. You should for sure mine if you want a profit :slight_smile:

If RFC 0011 gets accepted, PoS inflation will become fixed at 1% per year. For example, the current supply is 25,542,791 PPC. If PoS inflation becomes fixed at 1%, that would be around 255k new coins printed for the year through PoS. Minters would then share in this 1%. This allows the minting reward to become dynamic, which complements our dynamic PoW reward. If there are few people minting, those people will collect the majority of that PoS inflation, meaning it’s possible to earn more than 1%. If there are more people minting, then the minting reward will drop. This allows for the network to adapt to changing security conditions. If there are not enough people minting then the network will raise the reward and make it more profitable to attract minters, which increases security. If however there is an overabundance of minters, the reward will be automatically readjusted downward, since the network won’t have to work as hard to attract security providers.

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Just compare with the 0% mint reward of other PoW coins like Bitcoin. There are very very few hybrid protocols out there.


Thank you everyone for clearing this up for me. :slightly_smiling_face:

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