How do you mine only 7+ chains?

Hello guys! Recently, i have noticed, that there is a way to mine XPM without solving 6 chains, but only 7,8 and 9
For example this guys somehow is mining in that way:

How can you configure your miner to mine only 7+ chains?

Hello Kotoff,

what miner do you use? I’m using Xolo’s Primecoin Pool Miner and there is a option called -poolshare= which sets the minimum chain length you like to submit. But the default is already 7.

I’m using xolo miner too, ver 0.8RC1, This is very strange that default option is 7, because my workers is send to pool very many 6-ch.
May be this happened because xolo miner is writened for and is not using this option?
If you take a look at the example block: you can clearly see, that most users mine 6-ch, and only few not doing 6-ch instead of 7+

Btw, i’m a little newb so my question may be stupid, but - is this worth to skip 6-ch work? I mean, if i force to skip 6-ch, miner will just skip them and do the 7+ only, or miner will proceed them, but not submit to pool? In second case, turning 7+ only option will be stupid choise…

Unless there is someway to find a 7-chain without first finding a 6 chain I really don’t see the benefit.

  • Well if I tell it to only do 8-ch and up, will it increase my chances of getting higher level chains or will it just skip over 7-ch and I’ll get less return in the long run?