(Hot Item) PPC to PRC

Figured I would float it around here first. Why can’t we change our abbreviation to PRC instead of PPC? It’s kind of juvenile to think of it as pee-pee-c, but hey that’s some people thing. I think a change now would be warranted, and help our brand in the future. Brand and reputation are the only thing that keeps an altcoin going right now.

I thought about this too, but wasn’t sure if I should suggest it. I think ppc is more catchy sounding and the full name is still peer to peer coin. Something also to think about is that in the internet world, ppc also means pay per click, so it could get confusing for certain people.

Don’t forget we are the base of this coin. We decide its future. PPC to PRC change needs to be done, before its actually too late. I feel like the best way to do it is to rename it as part of a massive re-branding effort.

[ul][li]Update core client.[/li]
[li]Pre-contact all exchanges.[/li]
[li]Public letter from us and Sunny.[/li]
[li]Write articles for all major Bitcoin news sources.[/li]
[li]Massive ad campaign saying hey we have a new abbreviation, and encourage people to check out Peercoin for the first time.[/li][/ul]

This gives us great exposure, and gives the perception that we are looking do be a long term coin. We can’t kick Litecoin out of its #2 spot by just sitting around.

PRC is definitely strong.

Any concerns that it is the English abbreviation for Peoples Republic of China? A good thing?

Also, is there any way to figure out if one or the other abbreviations will be suitable for forex markets. We wouldn’t want to get into the same situation as bitcoin - (ie with BTC and XBT).

Hammy - I know that nox- has Forex experience. Can you send him a PM with what you’re thinking and you guys can let us know what you find?

I dont really see why there should be a change but if there is going to be one, maybe it should use the format X**, like bitcoin and primecoin.


edit: what hammyburger said

I personally don’t like the XPM abbreviation and don’t understand what it has to do with the name Primecoin. PRC matches up with Peercoin, so I’d be fine with it. If we were to do this, it would be to further our rebranding toward Peercoin. Like others have said above though, we should get a lot of exposure and press out of it, so it should only be done once the website and wiki are done. And of course, Sunny would have to sign off on the idea first.

Edit: I just checked the link you posted and am a little confused. Is Bitcoin changing from BTC to XBT? Why does this have to be done? If for some reason it has to start with an X, it should be XPC. At least PC would remain for Peercoin.

i can’t remember exactly unfortunately, but wasnt there some altcoin that died after they changed the name? solidcoin , or Ixcoin … don’t know anymore ? just saying it could have negative effect

yeah i would strongly advise we DON’T change the PPC as well… would require all the exchanges to update their code and as a developer it is just a hassle to do such a thing… I think you would see negative effects of this as well with confusion being started, also someone bound to knock up a quick altcoin and call it PPC then we are truly shafted as people will not know which one it is etc.

Personally I see nothing wrong with PPC. I know it close to PayPerClick, but really it is used in different context, and I never saw any issue really with ppcoin. think the peercoin is a strong brand, but PPC is the coin abbreviation that users know and exchanges have used, I think this is something that would be VERY damaging to the coin should we try changing it.


Wow, I didn’t even think of that. I’m definitely against the idea now because this WILL happen.

Yes, that’s all I really cared about with the name. The abbreviation isn’t that big of a deal to me, plus it still matches Peer to Peer Coin, so the abbreviation still makes sense.

As a poker player, ppa (poker players alliance) is a common acronym you hear throughout the forums with so much as giggle. I understand we’re dealing with a very young male demographic right now, however, if we grow the way we need to, that will change.

I admit I made fun of the Wii when the name was first announced. I used to make jokes to friends, saying things like “Hey, I’m going to go play with my Wii Wii.” Lol, it seems so stupid now considering how well they sold. It became normal to use the name.

Well we don’t have critical mass here, so looks like it stays. We should establish a style guide however. We should avoid using PPC, and instead use just Peercoin.

We don’t have to change the abbreviation, but there is no reason we can’t informally refer to Peercoin as PRC or XPC(I like that maybe a bit better).

I like to say out loud “Peercoin” and I like the abbreviation “PPC” because it represents what it is… it is a p2p coin. Peer to peer coin. There is nothing wrong with PPC in my opinion. I like it.

When writing about it, just write:
Peercoin (PPC)

Nothing wrong with it that way, IMO.
When writing about it first introduce as Peercoin (PPC) and then from that point on you can use the abbreviation PPC and it is totally fine. People will know what you are talking about :slight_smile:

PPC and PRC a the same currency. Why to change ? The currency with 2 name. Not bad :smiley:

I like the idea of changing the abbreviation from PPC to PRC since it does not sound like “to go for a pee” which could create mockery about the currency especially from people who like Peercoin less than we do or just hear about it the first time.

Why was PPCoin renamed to Peercoin? I guess because of the “to go for a pee” problem. So Peercoin and PRC are less prone to any mockery.

One problem I see is that one needs to reserve the domain names for both ppcoin and peercoin. There is already a basic problem: ppcoin.org and peercoin.org should go to the same address. But peercoin.org goes to localbitcoins.com at the moment…

Peercoin.org is owned by a domain squatter that wanted to charge us a bunch of money.