Highlighting Peercoin and Crypto related news on the peercoin.net

Hi Team

We’re continuing to update and upgrade peercoin.net. Today we launched a fresh news page to collect key media relating to PPC.


This is just an initial, collection. Ideally we would like to eventually have 3 sections

1 Major Media Features focused on Peercoin

2 Major Media features on the Crypto currency world in general

3 A Collection of “other” news with more casual mentions. Please reply to this thread if you are interested in helping gather these news articles so they can be added to the collection on the website.

Also please feel free to share any thoughts on what else you want to see on this page.

I have not visited peercoin.net for months. If she has the latest news of Peercoin at her home page, I will visit her every day.

Great work! I will try and funnel more social media users in the general direction of our news section once it is up and running smoothly.

What about a blog for announcements, Sunny King’s updates and a place for the newsletter?

added creating a blog as issue on github

How is this coming along?

This news page is great, but why is it located in Docs? News should have its own link from the front page, alongside Docs, Resources, etc

News is likely to be the main “pull” for visitors to come back, so it needs to be prominent