Help: Peerunity not receiving payments

I am Moderate user of cryptocurrencies. Have been using BTC for a while. Understand how to operate wallets, send, receive and other basics. Currently found peercoin and I am excited to get involved. My first issue is my transfer to peerunity wallet. I used bittrex to transfer some BTC to PPC and then sent some PPC to my peerunity wallet as advised on the “Newcomers” getting started

Unfortunately, I have not received the PPC transaction. I can confirm with bittrex that it has been transferred. My wallet is correct but I have yet to see if transferred into my Peerunity Wallet.

Currently running OS10.10 (Yosemite) downloaded peerunity this evening v0.1.3-RC1
any help would be appreciated.

Thank you in advance.

To confirm my transfer has been successful. I was not aware of the “lag” time. It seems that it took over 1 hour for a completed transfer from Bittrex to Peerunity. I was use to a much quicker transfer once bittrex has confirmed a withdrawal.

With that said, I know have a better understanding of the time related to such transfers and I am looking forward to being part of the PPC community.

Thank you,

I love when problems resolve themselves :slight_smile: Glad you got your PPC!

It takes 10min on average to confirm once (I have seen it taking 40min) and the wallet needs to see 6 confirmations to consider a transaction final. On the sending side it only needs one confirmation to consoider the tx done.