Help me fork a new currency like ppcoin

Hello everybody and greetings from Romania … before I start my thinking let me warn you that I have no intend to do anything bad or something similar with this new coin. I work on a highly specialized economical program/software that simply need a virtual currency in order to exist. My scope here is to create that currency and that is why, after a little research, I choose PPCOIN.

So, I need advice and expertise in creating a new currency (lets name it x-coin) for my economical program that run inside SAP HANA One servers. This economical program is free, transparent and permit a full and complete merge from the administrative and legal system, to our virtual system (unfortunately this work only under Romanian law infrastructure but internationalization is on the way). The only thing we need now is a new virtual currency that will be created under our specific rules. There will be some rules that need explanation while other can be seen as real alternative in this field.

I’m choosing PPCOIN for his prof of work, because it will be mined ONLY with processor and for energy efficient POS. Unfortunately I cannot use PPCOIN as we need something specific from our virtual coin.

If anyone is interested in join this project do not hesitate to contact me. We need expertise in setting up the files for compiling the daemon under Debian servers, block chain specialist, online wallet and wallet API coder and many other thing that a virtual currency needs. There will be payment too but keep in mind we are a non-profit organization that depend only on donation.


you want to create a cryptocurrency for use in your own closed system? Please tell me I’m wrong and misunderstood. It looks like a way to centralize , and imo that is the exact opposite goal of cryptocurrencies in general .


You may be right, that is one situation that I’d like to discuss. I need the following scenario: after the crypto-currency is launched (x-coin), my system will open an encrypted pool to let users mine thru webpages. I want that because it’s the most simple and non-technical way of mining and I need that very much for my users. They will have an encrypted wallet in form of x-coind hosted on my servers and every x-coin mined is dumped in respective wallets. Now, because everything is accountable, I will have thru my API wallet, the exact value of my x-coin reflected in my systems books (read SAP) in order to make an real and viable virtual economy (a real economy need the exact value of the money in circulation)

The centralized part come when the user can spend his x-coin on the system free market, but because the system is accepting and counting only users x-coin, other pools will mine worthless x-coin. This alien x-coin will became dull, simply because you cannot use it in my system, hence the free market for goods and services (read merchants) will refuse it. It doesn’t belong to my economy so nobody will care to open a pool because you cannot use video card or ASIC miner, only CPU and that is exactly what I’m offering absolutely free, very secure and very easy by just opening an account on my website.

There are extensive benefits and situation that rise under this scenario, odds for success are very high and perspective looks very good too. Simplicity is the key.


ok you say “free, transparent” , but really explain some more because I don’t understand exactly


The system will have special pages for audit and reporting, fully automatized and transparent. That means our bookkeeping will be open and public for everybody to see, and every month our accountable will verify the data. Thru different API’s we will display graphs and forecasts so anyone can speculate in the market based on real data, surveys from our users and many other trustfully and verified inputs, like public data. No one will be left behind (read simple and non-technical user), while nobody will go forward (read speculators) - except of course those who have real production (producers or sellers)


explain your specific rules please, and CPU only? maybe you have to wait one day for that


My rules are simple: infinite amount of x-coin, CPU only (correct me if I’m wrong but YACOIN is doing that right now), encrypted pools (I know different types of pools may act differently when mine and I need just one pool after all), very fast confirmation (again YACOIN have 60 seconds which is great) and all kind of tricky technical things, that a mature currency have.

I hope you understand me when I say, I really need that for an correct and stable virtual economy. I can answer any other question, so feel free to ask me anything. Like I said, transparency is a big goal in our quest.

I’m having troubles seeing the benefit of your idea

Simply put, this is not going to work out at all.

I have seen advertizement to make custom cryptocoin for 1BTC.

Can anyone here to help me to create a new crypto coin? How to contact Peercoin/Primecoin author?
I have a great idea how to fill new currency with value.