Headless minting, need to unlock encrypted wallet?

I followed the guide by Bartlomiej Mika to set up headless Minting and the wallet.dat that I copied over is encrypted but I never entered my passphrase to decrypt it.

I do see “CPUMiner started for proof-of-stake” in debug.log, so I think everything is running okay, but I’m still confused as to why I don’t need to enter my passphrase to decrypt the wallet for minting when running in a headless environment.

Can anyone help fill in some gaps here?

If the wallet is not locked, you do not need to unlock it.

Was your wallet encrypted?

It was encrypted, when running peercoind, how would I go about unlocking my wallet?

Also is there a way to verify that the wallet is minting when running peercoind?


peercoin-cli walletpassphrase $passphrase true

Thanks! This helped me get there. Looks like the “timeout” param is required for the “walletpassphrase” command, so I ended up issuing this command to unlock the wallet for minting…

$ peercoin-cli -datadir=/var/lib/peercoin walletpassphrase $passphrase 0 true

Which returned…

  "unlocked_minting_only": true
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